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Thank you for considering donating to my fundraiser. The big question you are probably wondering is, "What will my donation be used for?" Simply, new and updated equipment. My current camera is fine but has reached its limit in regards to the long-form interviews that I do. More lights for more effective lighting design. A new printer to be able to publish my own zines and photo prints.
Wait? I guess the most important question is, "Who are you?" I am Ian Hamilton. I am a public historian and multimedia artist. I've created two award-winning documentaries, numerous video shorts, zines, photos, and other flights of fancy. I want to create more projects but I have hit a wall with my current equipment, hence the fundraiser. I do all of this under the Yorick Lives! Productions banner.

There are two main goals for this fundraiser.
  • First, to continue doing interviews and oral histories of the many wonderful and interesting people I have met through my travels. This is the interview style that I did for my first documentary/history project that led to Pensacola Punks. 
  • Secondly, to take the means of production into my own hands in regards to video/audio production and zine printing. This way, you will know that every zine I send out was put together by my own hands. 
Finally, I want to mention that I feel weird asking for money. My goal is $2500.00 and to assuage my guilt from asking for donations, I am matching every dollar donated out of my own money. This is a partnership between you and me. I cannot afford to do all of this independently, and I do not expect everyone else to pay me for it. We will go into the abyss, hand in hand, and I promise that you will get some cool stuff out of it, no matter how much you donate. 

Below you will see a slider gallery that breaks down each tier of donations and what you get with each one. Then keep scrolling down to see the ways you can donate. 

It's the same basic principle as Indiegogo or Kickstarter but without the fees or middle person. I'm setting the goal for two weeks. So, on July 16, 2021, I will announce how much was raised. If we raise more than $2500.00 I will make a big announcement!!! Every dollar will only be used on
Yorick Lives! projects, which include zines, videos, podcasts, interviews, etc.

Payment details are below and you can message me with any questions at: or use the contact form below. 
I am accepting almost every type of digital payment to make it as easy for you as possible. These include:
You will receive a confirmation of payment to verify that the payment went through and that I have you marked for the correct tier.
Delivery will be announced as I confirm the completion of each individual project. For instance, stickers and zines will be completed before personalized videos. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for even considering donating. I promise to make it worth your while. 
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